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Activity FAQ

Size will depend on class sizes, scheduling and format, but typical activity group sizes are 17-22.

Our hikes take place on the Bruce Trail. We have short and long hikes. Popular destinations include exploring climbing in what we call the German Spy Hole.

Yes, if you let us know about a necessary accommodation in advance, we will do our best to provide an alternative, within limits. If a student requires 1:1 assistance at school or specialized support, the school needs to provide the necessary staff.


Bus times are up to the school but early arrival and later pick-up can maximize the time at camp. For example, an arrival time of 9:30am and pick-up at 2:00pm will maximize a regular day trip. The schedule is based on the bus times a school arranges.

Start looking right away! Sometimes it can be hard to secure a bus. If you are having difficulty finding a bus, be sure to try Switzer Carty Transportation.

Chaperone cars can be parked in our parking lot next to our Conference Centre or in our overflow area.

 Chaperone FAQ

While Cave Springs staff lead activities, teachers and school chaperones are responsible for supervising student behaviour and caring for student needs. Schools are to follow their own requirements for ratios and provide at least one chaperone per activity group.

No. There is not cost for chaperones.

Chaperones are welcome to sleep in on four Conference Centre bedrooms that are made available for chaperones of overnight trips. They are also welcome to sleep in a cabin, if the students don’t fill up all the cabins.

Final Payment FAQ

The final invoice is based on the total number of students who attend or 90% of the number of students indicated in the contract, whichever amount is higher.

Payment is due two weeks from the field trip date.

Payments can be made through cheque, eTransfer, EFT or credit card.

Food FAQ

Yes, students bring their own bagged lunch for the first lunch of every field trip, Day or Overnight. Because we are nut-free camp, students are not to bring any food items that contain or may contain nuts.

Cave Springs will provide s’more ingredients (Graham wafers, marshmallows and chocolate chips) if a campfire time and s’mores are included in the schedule. Otherwise, Cave Springs does not provide snacks. Students often get hungry between meals, so we recommend that schools create their own plan for snacks. For a short field trip, students could bring their own snacks. For a longer field trip, the school could bring snacks.

Cave Springs may be operating a tuck shop during your school trip. Please check to confirm if a tuck shop will be offered or not.

Cave Springs provides meals only if they are negotiated in the contract. If one or more meals are included, Cave Springs will provide a simple camp meal prepared by our kitchen team or an authorized 3rd party such as pizza restaurant or Caterer. Examples of typical meals include pasta, sandwiches, chicken caesar wraps, and pancakes.

If diet restrictions details are communicated to us a week in advance, we can have alternatives available.

Packing FAQ

To create your Day Trip packing list, download and refer to the packing list below.
To create your Overnight Trip packing list, download and refer to the packing list below.

School Contract FAQ

Download a blank Day Trip contract below.
Download a blank Overnight Trip contract below.

The contract secures the booking. When a school intends to send a contract, the date identified will be held temporarily, until the contract is received.

Weather FAQ

If it rains on the day of your trip, we will remain outdoors for as long as we can. In the case of excessive rain or thunder, we will move to indoor locations which often means adapting or changing activities. Students and teachers should come prepared to be outside for most of the day.

If there is an air quality issue, we can modify activities and also provide additional time in air conditioned space.

4410 Cave Spring Rd, Lincoln, ON L3J 0W3