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Servant Leadership Program (SLP) 2024

The application and registration process for SLP 2024 is open.


Name Age Dates Cost Availability
SLP 14-15 July 28 – August 2 $500 OPEN
SLP is an opportunity for youth to gain additional camp knowledge and valuable leadership experience. It focuses on faith-building sessions and opportunities to serve peers, children, and the community. The intent of SLP is to develop a servant-like attitude in youth, as well as create a unique and individual understanding of what it means to be a good team member and a positive role model. Participants gain relevant work experience, leadership skills, volunteer hours for placement week(s), meaningful friendships, positive role models and many long-lasting memories! Training includes sessions such as: Servant Leadership Attitudes & Qualities, Effective Communication, Ages & Stages of Child Development, Leading Activities, Team-Building, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Styles, and Digging deeper into Faith. The Program includes helping with some camp projects, hiking to Balls Falls, camping at Balls Falls, and High Ropes belaying.


SLP is designed for youth ages 14-15 by Dec. 31, 2024. An application is in process. Program acceptance is determined by the SLP leaders and Camp Director.

Applicant Qualities

We are looking for youth who are mature, responsible, and excited to develop their leadership and explore their faith. Candidates should be enthusiastic and willing to contribute positively to the team-oriented environment of the Cave Springs community. It is essential that participants have an interest in working with children and serving others. We expect participants to take the experience seriously and to try their best at everything they do. While our SLPs are learning, they will work closely with campers at different times in their schedule. So it is essential that they understand and follow all of our safety policies and procedures for community and camper well-being. Our SLPs bring great energy and positivity to our camp, both for the present and the future. We look forward to hearing from you!


SLP Participants complete at least 1 placement week in a camp leadership role such as Day Camp Assistant Counsellor, Program Assistant, or Kitchen Assistant. During their placement week, SLP participants will be assigned to assist 2-3 staff members who will mentor them. SLP’s will have the opportunity to lead camp programming with assistance.

Opportunities and role decisions are made by the SLP Leaders and the Camp Director.

Participants will receive High School volunteer hours for their placement week(s).

How to Apply


STEP 2: Contact 2 references (Minister, Employer, Sunday School Coordinator, Coach, Teacher) and have them complete the SLP Reference Form

STEP 3: SLP Leaders will review your application and confirm with you the status of your application.

STEP 4: If accepted into the SLP program, REGISTER ONLINE FOR SLP – This includes the basic information, forms and payments that will be received by our registration system.

STEP 5: SLP Leaders will communicate with you about packing and camp details.

SLP Reviews

"I believe that one of the best reasons to join SLP is to make new friends and get involved in the community. I feel that SLP creates a unique environment, which allows everyone to connect through their shared love of volunteering at camp and working with kids. In addition to bonding over these things, you eventually learn more about everyone's interests and are able to bond over that as well. I found that many of the people in SLP had many things in common with me, while also introducing me to new things such as new camp activities and songs! Everyone in SLP is so kind, accepting, and are overall amazing people that I was able to befriend easily. The friendships I have created in SLP are special to me and without SLP, I wouldn't have been able to make them. SLP also allows you to become more involved in the community. It exposes you to so many people within the community and gives you the ability to make the community a better place. It is an amazing way to build up your community in a positive way. Overall I feel like SLP is not only a great way to volunteer, but also to meet people and make new friends that share common interests, values, and outlooks and to make a difference in the community."
SLP Grad
"One of the greatest things about SLP is that it is such an amazing learning experience. Skills like collaboration, patience, responsibility, self-confidence, and problem-solving are all building blocks for success that can be fostered and developed at camp. Additionally, there are so many outdoor skills to be learned, like canoeing and hiking! One of the many amazing parts is that you don't have to learn these things alone. Through the whole experience, you have other SLPs and SLP leaders to guide and help you as you learn and grow. Thanks to the SLP program, I have developed better communication, leadership skills, confidence, and so much more that I have been able to apply outside of camp. The skills I've learned from SLP have, and will continue to benefit me in all aspects of life"
SLP Grad
"SLP is an amazing way to stay connected with the camp part of your life. Even when you are older and can no longer be a camper with SLP you can still stay involved. Many people decide to try out the SLP program and then eventually become a counsellor. Also many of them used to be campers at Cave Springs themselves. It's a great way to gain experience being a leader and you learn many valuable skills. The experience you get from SLP could help you to get a job as a camp counsellor in the future"
SLP Grad
"There are many reasons why I loved doing the SLP program and I am going to share one of them with you. The SLP program really helped me learn about my faith and grow as a person. I was able to have the opportunity to meet many young people just like me and talk about our faith. It was a good experience to talk to others who understood my religion and had questions similar to mine. During the SLP program I learned about my religion in a less traditional way, this really helped me grasp some of those key concepts. We watched plays, skits and sang songs that were all about our faith, sometimes I even find myself singing along to these songs when I am not at camp. So, to sum this up I think the SLP program is a great opportunity to grow in your faith and learn more about the church."
SLP Grad
"In SLP, you can get lots of experience working with kids as well! This can help with your social skills, patience, and give you some great experiences. Kids can teach us so much, and can help us learn so much! Whether you love being around children or not, the kids at Cave Springs are incredible, and amazing to work with. You’d be surprised what you can learn from simple things like being outside and with kids. I know I learned lots!<"
SLP Grad
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