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Common field trip activities are listed below, but the list is not exhaustive. We can work with you to create memorable activities of most any type and customize activities to suit you and your group. For schools, our activity packages can be tailored to different curriculum outcomes in subjects such as: Environmental Studies, Geography, Leadership Courses, Phys. Ed., and Science. Once you let us know the subject you are interested in emphasizing, we can help create the links to the Ontario curriculum.

Camp Games (Examples)


  • CAVE SPRINGS ROCKS: Similar to musical chairs, people learn about one another as they run for open spots. Students find out what they have in common.
  • CHUCK THE CHICKEN: In teams, students work quickly together to throw a rubber chicken and run laps around their team.
  • UBUNTU CARDS: A deck of cards that introduces games that facilitate fun connections and interactions

Teamwork & Leadership


  • BALL TOSS: Passing balls in a repeating sequence
  • BULL RING: Moving a cup with strings that everyone holds
  • COMMUNICATION GAMES: Activities that challenge teams to describe what they see or demonstrate active listening
  • FUNDERBIRDS: Keeping a feathered toy in the air
  • HELIUM STICK: Lowering a stick that everyone holds
  • MARBLE RUN: Passing a marble with short pieces of track
  • MARSHMALLOW CROSSING: Navigating a “river” as a group with limited safe space to step on
  • QUICK PASS: Passing rubber circles as fast as possible around a circle
  • TARP FLIP: Turning over a tarp without stepping off the tarp
  • WHALE WATCH: Balancing a group on a platform

Nature & Camp Activities


  • ARCHERY: Learn basic archery with the option to include variations such as apples or balloons
  • CAMPFIRE: Learn about building campfires; Make s’mores; Prepare at 2 minute talent; Participate in campfire skits and songs
  • CRAFT: Express creativity through an age-appropriate craft
  • DRAMA GAMES: Play creative drama and storytelling games in our amphitheatre stage
  • FOREST STUDY: Explore and identify creatures and plants in the forest
  • NATURE SCAVENGER HUNT: Find items around the camp
  • ORIENTEERING: Follow a map to find tiles hidden throughout camp
  • PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT: Find items around camp based on close-up photos
  • SHELTER BUILDING: Work with a small team to create a shelter in the forest
  • WATER GAMES: Try one of our many games that are designed to get everyone wet and yes, they typically end if an old-fashioned water fight

Large Group Activities


  • AMAZING RACE: Teams work together to complete challenges and accomplish tasks
  • EGG DROP: Teams build a contraption that can stop an egg from breaking when dropped from a high distance
  • SURVIVAL GAME: Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores run, search and hide to survive in the wild
  • HIKING: Experience the beauty of the Bruce Trail that includes exploring caves and interesting destinations
  • CAPTURE THE FLAG: Work with your team to find and return the other team’s flag
  • SMUGGLERS & SPIES: Teams try to bring beads across the field without being caught by the opposing team

High Ropes


  • Cave Springs has a high rope adventure climbing course that is available for Fall field field trips.
  • Contact our Camp Director to inquire about high ropes.fie
4410 Cave Spring Rd, Lincoln, ON L3J 0W3