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Overnight Camp 2024

Overnight Camp registration is now open. We hope to see you at camp this summer!

Overnight camp is the ultimate camp experience for young people excited to immerse themselves in the camp community and spend time away from home for a full week! Our Open Age, Junior, and Intermediate programs are designed to offer age-appropriate programming, exciting challenges, and opportunities for leadership as our campers get older and return to camp year after year! Overnight campers sleep in same-gender cabins that fit up to 12 campers and have at least 2 staff members. Campers sleep on bunk beds. Washroom facilities are a walking distance away and we have a Porta Potty for night visits.

Campers are assigned to small activity groups with which they participate in typical camp activities. A regular day at camp starts with a dip in the pool and a hearty breakfast. Throughout the day, campers take part in small and large group activities. Through the week, outdoor adventures and friendships grow as lifetime memories are made.

Each week, campers go to Jordan Harbour for our Canoe Trip and each Overnight group is schedule for a session at our High Ropes Course. Each evening, campers take part in a camp-wide game, enjoy skits and songs at the campfire and receive tuck. At Intermediate Camp for ages 13-15, activities are elevated to the next level to match the interests of our older campers. Highlights include choice activities, night games and hiking to Balls Falls and camping at Balls Falls.

2024 Overnight Camp Sessions

*Please note that some sessions are 6 days and some are 5 days.

Name Age Dates Cost Male Female
Open Age 1 7-12 July 14-19 (6 days) $545 OPEN
Intermediate 1 13-15 July 21-26 (6 days) $590 OPEN
SLP 14-15 July 28 – Aug 2 (6 days) $500 OPEN
Junior 1 / Open Age 7-12 July 28 – Aug 2 (6 days) $545 OPEN
Open Age 2 7-12 Aug 5-9 (5 days) $436 OPEN
Intermediate 2 13-15 Aug 11-16 (6 days) $590 OPEN
Junior 2 9-12 Aug 18-23 (6 days) $545 OPEN
Open Age 3 7-12 Aug 25-29 (5 days) $436 OPEN

Arrival & Departure

*All camps start the registration process at 4pm on the first day of camp.*

On Arrival Day includes:

  • Sign in with the directors
  • Health Check-in: 1) Giving any medications to the Healthcare Coordinator; 2) Sharing any new health information
  • Choose a family password that will be used on departure day
  • Submit any outstanding forms and payments
  • Camp head lice and bed bug inspection.

Departure time for all Overnight Camps is 5:00 pm. Come at 4:45 pm on departure day to view a slideshow of photos from the week.


7:15am – MORNING DIP: Everyone jumps in the pool to start the day!

7:30am – BEDHEAD CHALLENGE: A fun activity challenge with other cabins

8:00am – BREAKFAST



10:00am – MUSIC, DRAMA & SESSION: 1) Our live band plays fun, child-friendly worship songs; 2) The daily episode of our ongoing and interactive skit is presented; 3) Reflection and engagement with the daily theme or lesson.

10:30am – GROUP TIME: Campers participate in games and activities that explore the theme and lessons of the day. Snack is provided in the group setting.

MORNING CHUNKS: Chunks are classic camp activities such as hiking, crafts, archery, sports, shelter building, scavenger hunt, or something creative the group wants to do! This is a time for groups to explore their interests and learn new things!

12:30pm – LUNCH

1:15PM – REST HOUR: Some down time in the cabin or in the shade.

2:15pm – AFTERNOON CHUNKS: More time for choice activities!

4:30pm – FREE SWIM

5:30pm – DINNER

6:15pm – FREE TIME/TUCK: Tuck shop is open each day. Campers are given 1 “tuck dollar” per day. No pocket money is needed.

7:00pm – EVENING GAME: A large group with lots of fun and energy

8:00pm – CAMPFIRE: Songs, skits and jokes around the campfire

8:30pm – VESPERS: Low tempo music played by our live band and a skit or reflection to end the day

9:00pm – STORY TIME: A bedtime story and end of day reminders

9:15pm – BEDTIME: Get ready for bed, brush teeth, reflect on the day, quiet activities in bunks until lights out.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations made prior to June 15 are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made from June 15 to five days before the start day of camp are subject to a $75 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made four or fewer days before camp are not subject to a refund unless compelling evidence is provided to the director

Faith Formation

Campers are introduced to faith in a new and exciting fashion. We recognize that children come from a variety of backgrounds and we strive to provide them with a safe environment to learn about faith. Children participate in daily sessions where they sing worship music, led by a worship band. They also watch an age-appropriate drama that runs the span of the week. After session, children take part in small group discussions and activities where they are encouraged to ask questions and recap what took place during the daily drama. Each day ends with vespers. During this time, campers are led in more worship and participate in skits about faith.

4410 Cave Spring Rd, Lincoln, ON L3J 0W3