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The Senior Staff team is tasked with the responsibility and expectation for care, leadership, safety and supervision of all campers and staff. Each member of the senior staff will have a designated area of focus and will mentor staff within their department.

We have redeveloped our senior level positions for this summer to add intentional focus to staff mentorship, facility and equipment sanitization, and physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of everyone onsite.

We know that this updated model will provide all of our staff and campers with the best possible camp experience and we are excited to connect with individuals who are passionate about lending their expertise to specialized areas of the camp program.


Assistant Director – Application Deadline Feb. 10th
Day Camp Coordinator – Application Deadline Feb. 18
Program and Logistics Coordinator – Application Deadline Feb. 18
Health and Wellness Coordinator – Application Deadline Feb. 18

All Members of the Senior Staff:

  • Have strong leadership, initiative, organizational, and administrative skills and ability to work in a team leadership environment.
  • Are able to initiate, support and encourage spiritual growth of campers and staff.
  • Are able to relate well to a variety of ages and demonstrate an ability to mediate, facilitate and build unity among staff.
  • Enjoy working with children and possess relevant soft skills in youth interaction.
  • Exhibit a Christian commitment serving campers and other staff as per camp purpose and philosophy.
  • Are open and inviting to all that are at Cave Springs Camp regardless of race, gender, age and background.
  • Have previous experience working in summer camping (preferred), or equivalent experience. Previous experience in a supervisory role considered an asset 

So you have all the puzzle pieces…are you looking to put together the “big picture”?

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director works closely with the Camp Director to manage key components of the camp program. Daily duties are wide ranging and require a high degree of flexibility, excellent time management, and the ability to prioritize. Areas of focus for the Assistant Director include:

– Staff selection, training, support, and ongoing evaluation
– Camper and staff health, safety, and inclusivity
– Registration and weekly schedule development
– Parent communications

In addition the Assistant Director is responsible for planning and implementing the 2022 Servanthood Leadership Program.

Candidates for Assistant Director should have a strong history of employment at summer camp or in a related field and should have previous experience in supervisory roles.

Click to open the complete Assistant Director Job Description

Application Deadline for Assistant Director Candidates is February 10th

Do you love diving in AND stepping back? Are you someone that campers and staff look up to?

Day Camp Coordinator

The Day Camp Coordinator is focused on inspiring and mentoring day camp counsellors and overseeing the smooth running of the daily day camp program. Typical tasks for the Day Camp Coordinator include:

-Facilitating staff assignments
-Conducting group check ins
-Organizing weekly day camp schedules
-Ensuring smooth transitions between activities for each group
-Assisting with daily pick up and drop off routines
-Completing Day Camp Counsellor performance evaluations
-Addressing camper behaviour issues

Click to open the complete Day Camp Coordinator Job Description

Application Deadline for Day Camp Coordinator Candidates is February 18th

Do you thrive “behind the scenes”? Are you overflowing with creative ideas?

Program Coordinator

The Program and Logistics Coordinator is focused on overseeing the daily work of the Program and Logistics Team. This includes ensuring all camp facilities and equipment follow our increased sanitization standards and organizing creative program events throughout the camp week. Typical tasks for the Program and Logistics Coordinator include:

-Mentoring program and logistics staff
-Ensuring that facilities and thoroughly sanitized for group use
-Ensuring equipment in sanitized and available for groups throughout their daily schedule
-Organizing daily and weekly cleaning schedules
-Planning and implementing camp wide/ specialty program events
-Facilitating theme activities
-Completing P&L staff performance evaluations

Click to open the complete Program and Logistics Coordinator Job Description

Application Deadline for Program Coordinator Candidates is
February 18th

Are you cool

Are you the friend who always has a bandaid in your backpack? Are you in your element when you’re helping others?

Health and Wellness Coordinator

The Health and Wellness Coordinator is focused on ensuring that campers, staff, and site visitors are following best practices under our Co-vid 19 policies. The Health and Wellness Coordinator also oversees the running of the wellness centre and has opportunity to mentor staff assigned to their department each week. Typical tasks for the Health and Wellness Coordinator include:

-Tracking and administering daily medications
-Maintaining sanitization and cleanliness within the wellness centre
-Assessing and addressing injuries (onsite) or accompanying campers/staff to medical facilities (offsite) when necessary
-Promoting mental health care practices
-Promoting sun safety and heat management
-Implementing Covid safety plans for staff and campers
-daily symptom surveys
    -temperature tracking
      -provision/distribution of PPE
– Overseeing any required onsite isolation measures

Click to open the complete Health and Wellness Coordinator Job Description

Application Deadline for Health and Wellnes Coordinator Candidates is February 18th

See links below for Other staff information:

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