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10 Reasons Why Working at Camp is the Best Job Ever

Spend your summer outdoors and being active

Reconnect with nature, soak up lots of vitamin D. Camp promotes an active lifestyle through playing games like capture the flag, or going on a hike. Way better than spending your summer on the couch! 

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of many children 

If you attended camp, or something similar, you’ll remember thinking that your counsellors were the coolest people to walk the earth. Campers see their counsellors as the ultimate role models, and it’s super cool to be able to make such a lasting impact on their lives. 

Build leadership skills and gain confidence 

A lot of responsibility is placed on your shoulders while working at camp. You will be responsible for the care and wellbeing of a certain group of kids, and these kids will look up to you for years and years to come.

Experience working in a community-focused and team-oriented environment 

Cave Springs is a unique community of people who love creating an awesome summer camp experience for kids. We’re motivated by the same goal. We value teamwork and fostering a positive, caring work environment. 

It’s fun!

Being wacky is pretty much in the job description. 

Try new things

On top of our regular program offerings, such as canoeing, high ropes, hiking, games and more- our staff are encouraged to be creative with the activities that they plan for their campers. As long as it’s safe- we say go for it!! This gives you the opportunity to have a blast alongside your campers. We want you to have fun!!! 

Camp friends are the best friends 

Camp friendships are unlike any others. You spend all day with them for an entire summer. You go through thick and thin with them (literally). You’ll have inside jokes galore, and countless memories to look back on fondly together. 

Learn valuable life lessons

Such as patience, time management, problem-solving, communication, staying calm in stressful situations, versatility and flexibility. All of these skills are transferable and set you up with a firm foundation 

Explore faith and spirituality in an open-minded, welcoming environment

Cave Springs is owned and operated by the United Church of Canada. We have no expectation that our staff will come from a religious background, however we do have designated times per day where we invite our staff to think mindfully about themes such as love, trust, gratitude, sacrifice, and respect. Working at Cave Springs will give you the opportunity to reflect and grow spiritually (without needing to label your faith). 

Get to know yourself! 

Camp is the perfect job for personal development. Get to know yourself better by challenging yourself to grow in an environment that allows you to be exactly yourself. 

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