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Confident Campers

Sending your child to camp has so many benefits! At camp, kids are able to have so much fun and many new experiences- they won’t even realize all the new tools they’re adding to their toolkit! Camp fosters personal growth and development in many ways.

Here are a few reasons why choosing to send your child to camp is a great idea: 

Camp Fosters Independence 

Attending summer camp can be a great way for children to gain independence. Guided by the support of their counsellors and camp staff, campers will be able to step out of their comfort zone and learn positive coping mechanisms for how to carry themselves when they’re away from home. 

Camp Improves Social Skills

Meeting new friends can be scary! Camp offers children the opportunity to meet new friends in a safe, welcoming environment. With their counsellors there to help facilitate friendship-making, campers are bound to make new friends and gain important tools for socializing that will only benefit them later on. 

Camp Promotes Creativity 

From spending time in the craft hall to participating in silly games and campfire skits, campers will have ample opportunity to stretch their creative muscles at camp. We encourage campers to help their counsellors decide which activities they will participate in- and there’s rarely an idea for an activity that can’t be made possible at camp with a bit of creativity! 

Camp allows kids to try new things

Camp is the perfect place for kids to try something that they’ve never done before… it’s almost certain they will do an activity that is brand new to them! Even if they’re a seasoned camper, camp still provides the opportunity for kids to do things they wouldn’t get to do every day- such as hiking, archery, high ropes, canoeing, crafts, big group games, fishing and more. They may find a new passion for something they wouldn’t otherwise get to try!

Camp provides positive role models

It’s very important for children to have positive influences to look up to. A good amount of our staff were once campers themselves, so they remember what it was like to look up to their counsellors and therefore understand how important it is to be a good mentor. We hand-pick our staff with the intention that they will be excellent role models for our campers.

Camp is an encouraging, supportive environment 

We teach our campers about love, trust, and respect. As such, we uphold a welcoming, positive and affirming environment for campers to be comfortable to be themselves. Kids really come out of their shells at camp! 

At camp, kids learn a lot! 

Campers learn SO much at camp- and oftentimes they don’t even realize it! Camp can be a great way for kids to learn in a non-classroom setting. Kids will learn about nature, friendship and leadership. Smarter kids are more confident kids! 

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