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Please note that the grounds will be shared among all rental groups unless “exclusive use” is added for $500/day.

Legacy Hall

Legacy Hall is a 7,500 square foot four-season community hall and lodge. The upper floor has a community hall with vaulted ceilings as well as a stocked commercial kitchen. This space can seat up to 100 people for meals.

Both halls may be rented on an hourly basis (two-hour minimum) or by the day.

Legacy Hall also offers overnight sleeping accommodations which exist on the lower level with eight bunkies (four beds each).  The hall also includes an elevator and gender-neutral, accessible washrooms.

Prices List for Upper Hall Rental (including use of kitchen, tables and chairs)


  • Friday through Sunday DAYTIME (7am to 4pm) $500 per day
  • Friday/ Saturday EVENING (after 5pm) $3000 per day


  • Monday-Thursday DAYTIME (7am to 4pm) $300 per day
  • Sunday-Thursday EVENING (after 5pm) $800 per day

The Lower Hall is suitable for workshops, physical activity (such as yoga), presentations or meetings.

The hall has a small kitchenette which includes a sink, mini fridge and microwave.

This space comfortably holds 50 at tables or 75 in theatre style.

Price List for Lower Hall Rental

(including tables and chairs)


  • $1,500 per day


  • $300 per day
Overnight accommodations in Legacy Hall:

Bedrooms in Legacy Hall

Each room typically sleeps 4 in bunkbeds, 8 rooms available.

Each room has individual control over heat and A/C, as well as a 4-shelf dresser and hooks for jackets.

Renters will be responsible for their own linens, pillow etc.

In addition, in 4 of the bedrooms, one lower bunk has a double bed (suitable for accessibility needs).

Legacy Hall Bedroom Price List

  • Individual bedrooms, $35 per night
  • All 8 bedrooms, $250 per night
  • Bedrooms will only be rented in conjunction with a hall rental.

Hoxie Hall

Hoxie Hall is a large rustic dining hall with a stone fireplace, vaulted pine ceilings and commercial kitchen. There are two gender-neutral bathrooms located off the porch.

This space best suited for use between May and October. This versatile space is perfect for large gatherings, youth group retreats, and rustic wedding receptions.

The hall holds up to 100 people for meals.

Renting Hoxie Hall includes access to the commercial kitchen and tables and chairs.


  • Friday-Sunday DAYTIME 7am to 4pm, $330 per day
  • Friday/Saturday EVENING $2000 per day


  • Monday-Thursday DAYTIME 7am to 4pm, $200 per day
  • Sunday-Thursday EVENING $550 per day

Additional Overnight Accommodations

Rustic overnight accommodations can be found for up to 84 people in three-season cabins located in the cabin circle.

There are six cabins in total. Each cabin sleeps 14 in bunk beds. The cabins have lighting and power.

Central washroom buildings with private showers & toilets are also available.

Renters will be responsible for their own linens, pillow etc.

Cabins will only be rented in conjunction with a hall rental.

Price List for Cabin Rental


$30 per cabin per night


$20 per cabin per night

How To Rent Cave Springs Camp

The rental process occurs in four phases:

  1. An initial inquiry into camp availability;
  2. The submission of a signed Rental Contract with deposit fees and copy of your liability insurance policy;
  3. A meeting with the Camp Director or delegate at arrival, including 1) your submission of outstanding rental and activity-related fees and other documentation as required, 2) orientation to the facilities, and 3) review of your responsibilities at camp;
  4. A meeting with the Camp Director at time of departure, including inspection of the premises, your receipt of a feedback form to mail in at a later date, and your collection of refundable deposits as appropriate.

Your Initial Inquiry:

Please email the Camp Director ( to inquire about availability for your rental request.

In this email please include your preferred rental date and an alternate date, if possible; in addition to the number of participants (adults and children) or a close estimate; the activities and personnel you would like to book; and the general nature of your booking (e.g. wedding, family reunion, business team building workshops, etc.).

Serious rental inquirers may request a tour of our facilities.

A rental booking at Cave Springs requires a responsible adult (at least 25 years of age) who must be present and in charge of the renting group at all times. At least one adult must accompany a child or group of children throughout the course of your stay (including, but not limited to, supervision at the pond area).

Please note: A “site exclusivity fee” of $500/day must be applied, otherwise the grounds may be shared with other rental groups.

Submission of the Rental Contract and deposits:

Once you have been informed by Cave Springs Camp staff that your requested date is available, you must confirm your booking. This is done by submitting a signed Rental Contract, deposit cheques, and proof of insurance within two weeks of confirmation of availability or 24 hours before your rental period begins, whichever comes first. Failure to do so may result in your requested date being made available to another renter. Your proof of insurance can be sent to Cave Springs Camp directly by your insurance provider by email or shown in person.

Upon arrival at camp:

The person in charge of the Rental Group must report to the Cave Springs Camp Director or delegate upon arrival. Then, you will provide the Camp Director with any outstanding rental fees, activity-related fees including staffing fees in separate envelopes, lifeguard certification (if applicable), and other fees and documents as required. Afterwards, the Cave Springs Camp Director will orient you to the camp and show you the areas you have rented.

When your group is invited to unload their gear, your vehicles must stay on the roadway – do not drive to the cabins as the septic system is located under this area. If you choose, cabins may be accessed by foot through pathways from the main road. Subsequently, when all supplies and equipment have been unloaded, all cars should be parked in the parking lot.

Lastly, all persons using Cave Springs Camp shall comply with any instructions given to them by the Camp official on duty, concerning their conduct or use of the facilities.

Prior to departure:

After you have wound down your activities and cleaned the premises, you must report to the Camp Director prior to departure. Together you will inspect the premises to confirm that the cleaning tasks listed on your checklist have been completed and there has been no damage (including graffiti) done to the buildings, contents and outdoor areas. Finally, if these responsibilities have been satisfied, your Damage Deposit cheque will be returned to you.

Deposit Information

To secure a booking we require a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit (25% of the total rental fee). In order for the booking to be considered secure, we must first receive a deposit and booking contract. The total fees will have this deposit deducted.

Please call 905-563-8467 if you have questions or concerns.

Cleaning Fees and Damage Deposit:

Renters are responsible for leaving facilities as clean as when they arrived. This includes cleaning all materials provided by Cave Springs Camp (i.e. dishes, utensils). In addition, renters must place all garbage accumulated over the course of the rental period into the appropriate garbage or recycling container (located behind Hoxie Hall). In general, we expect renters to leave the site in the same condition that they found it in.

There will be a cleaning fee of $75.00 applied to each rental contract.

We require a refundable damage deposit of $500 upon receipt of the contract. The damage deposit must be separate from the total fees. Renters are responsible for all damage they have done to camp buildings and property. We will hold the deposit cheque uncashed and return it to the renter upon passing an inspection of the property by the director or designate. If damages occur, it may be arranged with the director to return the unspent portion of the cheque, however, damage and repairs in excess of the deposit are the responsibility of the renter.

Insurance Coverage

Renters must provide a copy of your liability insurance policy which covers the activities of your rental to Cave Springs Camp through email or in person. We must receive proof of liability insurance at least 24 hours prior to the date of your confirmed arrival. Your insurance policy MUST name Cave Springs Camp, Inc. and the United Church of Canada as “additional insured” or “co-insured” or “also insured”.

The liability must include naming “Cave Springs Camp Inc.” and the “United Church of Canada” as “coinsured” or “also insured” on the contracts. Your insurance provider can send proof of insurance via email directly to Cave Springs Camp.

Date Changes/ Cancellations

We will allow changes in booking dates with a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

If given less than 4 weeks notice, a new booking contract will be required to book a new date(s) and the original deposit will be forfeited.

Cancellations are non-refundable.