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Day Rentals offer rental of Legacy Hall, Hoxie Hall, or the pavilion at the following rates:

  • Legacy Hall: $500 /day includes upper hall, stocked commercial kitchen, lower hall, and exclusive use of lower washroom facilities
    • Upper Hall only: $300/day OR $45/hour
      • includes stocked commerical kitchen
    • Lower Hall only: $240/day OR $30/hour
  • Hoxie Hall: $300/day includes dining hall, stocked commercial kitchen
  • Pavilion : $150/day includes BBQ and picnic tables

Please note that the grounds will be shared among all rental groups unless “exclusive use” is added for $500/day.


Your rental experience can be enhanced with optional sports and educational activities, including swimming, high ropes, and hiking. Some of these activities require trained staff to oversee and/or supervise.

  • High Ropes
    • Course: $250/day
    • Instructors: $80/day (minimum of 2 required)
  • Pool
    • $50/hour includes 2 NL certified lifeguards
  • Other options (includes your choice of hiking, orienteering, archery, team building)
    • $60/ half day

Day Rentals start with an arrival time of 8:00 a.m. and same-day departure time of 5:00 p.m. Other arrival and departure times may be supported at an additional cost; please arrange this with the Cave Springs Camp Director when booking your rental. Parking is available, please be sure to park in the appropriate areas as outlined by camp staff.

How To Rent Camp For The Day

The rental process occurs in four phases:

  1. Your initial inquiry into camp availability;
  2. Your submission of the signed Day Rental Contract with deposit fees and copy of your liability insurance policy;
  3. Your meeting with the Camp Director or delegate at arrival, including: 1) your submission of outstanding rental and activity-related fees and other documentation as required, 2) orientation to the facilities, and 3) review of your responsibilities at camp;
  4. Your meeting with the Camp Director at time of departure, including inspection of the premises, your receipt of a feedback form to mail in at a later date, and your collection of refundable deposits as appropriate.

1. Your initial inquiry:

Please email the Camp Director to inquire about availability for your rental request. Include your preferred rental date and an alternate date, if possible; the number of participants (adults and children) or a close estimate; the activities and personnel you would like to book; and the general nature of your booking (e.g., family reunion, business team building workshops, etc.). Please note when you are arranging for supervision, that a responsible adult (at least 25 years of age) must be present and in charge of the renting group at all times, and an adult must accompany a child, or group of children, in the pond area.

2. Submission of the Day Rental Contract and deposits:

Once you have been informed by Cave Springs Camp staff that your requested date is available, you must confirm your booking. This is done by submitting a signed Rental Contract, deposit cheques, and proof of insurance within two weeks of confirmation of availability or 24 hours before your rental period begins, whichever comes first. Failure to do so may result in your requested date being made available to another renter. Your proof of insurance can be sent to Cave Springs Camp directly by your insurance provider by email or shown in person.

3. Upon arrival at camp:

The person in charge of the Rental Group must report to the Cave Springs Camp Director or delegate upon arrival. You will provide the Camp Director with any outstanding rental fees, activity related fees including staffing fees in separate envelopes, lifeguard certification (if applicable), and other fees and documents as required. The Cave Springs Camp Director will orient you to the camp and show you the areas you have rented. When your group is invited to unload their gear, your vehicles must stay on the roadway – do not drive to the cabins as the septic system is located under this area. When all supplies and equipment have been unloaded, all cars should be parked in the parking lot. One car may be left at the Camp Health Centre for Emergency use. All persons using Cave Springs Camp shall comply with any instructions given them by the Camp official on duty, concerning their conduct or use of the facilities.

4. Prior to departure:

After you have wound down your activities and cleaned the premises, you must report to the Camp Director prior to departure. Together you will inspect the premises to confirm that the cleaning tasks listed on your checklist have been completed and there has been no damage (including graffiti) done to the buildings, contents and outdoor areas. If these responsibilities have been satisfied, your Cleaning/Damage Deposit cheque will be returned to you.