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Summer Camp FAQs

Overnight camps: Drop off time is 4pm and pick up is 7pm.

Day camps: Drop off time is 8:30am-9:00am and pick up is 4:00pm to 4:30pm. Earlier drop off and later pick up times are available at a charge of $30 per camper per week.

Overnight camps: Registration will begin at 4pm on the drop off day. You can leave your camper’s luggage in your car (but bring your medication) and head to the Director’s Cabin for registration! Here, you and your camper will check in with the directors as well as hand in any medication and get a lice check. After this, you can help your camper move into his or her cabin as well as meet your camper’s counsellor! Once your camper is all moved in, you are free to head out!

Day camps: Registration will occur from 8:30am until 9am on the first morning of camp. There will be a table set up at teh Day Camp cabents (field left of the driveway) and here you can check in with the directors and we will sign your camper in. From here, there will be counsellors who will take your camper to the location where their bag will be stored each day. You can join them for this walk, or head out before, it’s up to you!

Absolutely! Cave Springs Camp is an inclusive camp open to people of all cultural and religious backgrounds! There are certain aspects during the day that involve the Christian faith. These include saying grace before meals, singing Christian songs and spending about 45 minutes a day learning about Christian values and beliefs. We also spend lots of time with typical camp activities like swimming, canoeing, archery, crafts and more!

We can definitely accommodate for dietary needs! On the medical form in our registration system, you can indicate the dietary needs of your camper. Please ensure this medical form is filled out at least a week prior to camp so we have enough time to accommodate your camper. If you would like to discuss your camper’s dietary needs more, please feel free to contact us.

Please be aware that Cave Springs Camp strives to be a nut-safe facility, but we cannot fully guarantee that we are nut-free.

For both of our day camps and overnight camp programs, we provide campers with all of the food they will need for the week! Please do not send any snacks or candy with your camper to camp. Day campers do not need to bring a lunch.

Tuck money is included in the registration fee, so extra money is not needed for tuck. We will have t-shirts, and water bottles for purchase on both the drop off and pick up days.

The Ontario Camps Association requires a ratio of 1 counsellor to 8 campers. This means we never go above this ratio, but often our ratios are between 1:5 and 1:6. The ratios of all our staff to campers is around 1:4.

There is a box where you can list one request for your camper, and we will do our best to accommodate these requests, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee requests. Groups are made according to age, therefore it is more likely a request will be granted if the two campers are the same or similar in age.

Cave Springs Camp welcomes and accommodates campers of all abilities. Each week we have a designated number of spots available for campers who require 1:1 support during their stay at camp. Campers with 1:1 support can attend day camp, bridge camp, or overnight camp programs.

Please see the “Integration at Cave Springs” tab under our “Summer Programs” heading for more information about our integration programs for 2019. 

If your camper has particular needs you think we should know about, please contact the camp so we can understand how to best provide a positive experience for your camper!

Cave Springs Camp strongly encourages campers to not bring electronics to camp and to spend the time at camp in nature rather than on electronic devices. Cave Springs Camp is not responsible for any damage that may occur to electronics that campers do bring. We try to encourage both campers and parents to be in the present meaning we discourage the use of cell phones with campers. Should you have something you would like to say to your camper, please contact the camp, and we can relay the message.

Please do! Hydration is a very important part of life at camp. All of our taps on site contain drinking water, so your camper will be able to fill up their water bottle throughout the day. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, please avoid sending your camper with a disposable plastic water bottle. We have reusable water bottles for purchase should you choose.